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Become A Member

Affiliation Registration Costs

Senior Player (over 16 yo) - $525.00

Junior Player (12-16 yo) - $405.00

Sub Junior (under 12 yo) - $375.00

Mini Junior (under 10 yo, no competitive games) - $120.00

Limited Player (3 tournament) - $485.00

1 carnival - $155

Trial Player (3 practices) ** - $80

** Each member can only use this option once. Six week duration from time of affiliation

Social Member - $0

This does not include club fees.

If you are interested in joining and would like more information please contact Mary on 0429 024 848

Playing for another club

For information about transferring between clubs click here

Affiliation Fees

Affliation fees must be received by the State Secretary prior to any player participating at a practice or tournament.

Perth Polocrosse